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Recipes shared here are (mostly) gluten-free, sugar-free, and soy-free. You will enjoy them if you like good food. You will delightfully give thanks for them if you deal with food allergies, hypoglycemia, chemical sensitivity, or hormone imbalance.

When I'm not writing about food, I like to keep a record of all the little earthy miracles through which I can see God's Kingdom coming. As the days go by, I spend more and more time being impressed by all those things -- things that could only have happened by divine intervention.

For example,

When anger fills your heart,  
When, in your pain and hurt, 
You find the strength to stop. 
You bless instead of curse.

When doubting floods your soul, 
Though all things feel unjust, 
You open up your heart. 
You find a way to trust.

When fear engulfs your mind, 
Says you protect your own, 
You still extend your hand. 
You open up your home.

When sorrow fills your life, 
When in your grief and pain, 
You choose again to rise. 
You choose to bless the Name.

In the mundane tasks of living, 
In the pouring out and giving, 
In the waking up and trying, 
In the laying down and dying.

That's a little stone, that's a little mortar, 
That's a little seed, that's a little water
In the hearts of the sons and the daughters. 
This kingdom's coming.

(Kingdom Comes, by Sara Groves)

A beautiful kingdom is coming, and it's coming through the hearts of human beings like yourself. If you haven't heard, there is a way by which the Spirit of God comes to live in people. And that is nothing short of miraculous!

My husband is a hard-working guy and incredible Daddy who enjoys crossword puzzles and games of all kinds. Our son is four years old. He is tall and strong, like his daddy... careful and inquisitive, like me. God has called our tiny family to practice life together here in the Midwest.

I'm a disciple of Jesus Christ, and a daughter of the King of the Kingdom. My life is full of constant humblings and ever-increasing insignificance. Yet I have all these miraculous blessings. And purpose, and a future and a hope. It's an upside-down kind of a life!

My spiritual heritage is tied up with charismatic Lutherans and missionary folks in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.

My hope is that what I write will somehow edify you. Please feel welcome to leave comments. It would be a pleasure to hear from you!

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