Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Want to know a Secret?

I’m pregnant!

It’s true. In fact, last week we heard something incredible – a heartbeat coming from my lower abdomen! It was strange yet unmistakable... They tell us to expect it around October 28th.

We learned the news on February 26th, and it was a big surprise. I’ve had many thoughts and emotions since then. We aren’t quite finished being newlyweds yet (but I’m not so sure we ever will be!). And we are just waking up to the fact that we are grown-ups with responsibilities. So now we’re considering some practical, grown-up things, like where will we come up with the money for a little Potratz?

But generally, we are just happy and excited to share with you. It seems like Spring is bringing new life in a whole new way this year…

I was thinking about the way God orchestrates the course of a person’s life, once entrusted to him. He doesn’t usually make all of one’s dreams come true at the same time, though much of the time that’s what our greedy little discontented hearts expect to suck out of him.

“Why can’t my best friend live closer?”
“If only we had more money.”
“When will I meet Prince Charming?”
“I hate my job.”

I’m beginning to see that it won’t all come together simultaneously until I reach the Promised Land. I have never had everything I ever wanted all at the same time. But along the way, God does bless me – one blessing at a time. When I lived in Vermont, for example, two of my wildest dreams came true: living in the mountains and training dogs. Last fall, I married the man of my dreams. At the moment, the blessing is a baby.

He is giving us a baby!!!

It’s actually quite brilliant on God’s part because each time it happens, you know exactly where it's coming from.