Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Memorization Box

It's always amazed me that I can remember nursery rhymes and songs that I learned when I was only three or four years old. Preschoolers are such sponges for rhymes and songs and sayings.

So one day, I thought, Why not get God's Word into my son's head instead of some meaningless rhyme about a cow jumping over the moon?

I was pondering how to do this when I came across the idea for a memorization box. A memorization box is a little box full of index cards with memory verses on them. You use it to recite and review verses.

This is a method I learned from Kimberly at Raising Olives. Ezekiel and I recite our verses each morning after breakfast. It takes about five minutes and I am in awe of all the Scriptures that he already knows by heart.

In the box, we have dividers labeled Daily, Odd Days, Even Days, Monday-Friday, Weeks 1-4, and Days 1-30 of the Month.

For example, we just recite a passage once or twice each day, and when it's memorized, we move it from Daily to Odd Days. When we can say it pretty well every odd day, we move it into the Tuesday slot, etc... until we are only reviewing it once a month.

If you want to memorize God's Word with your kids, a memorization box is a very helpful tool! Each day you recite 3-4 passages. You are constantly learning new verses, and constantly reviewing old ones.


Rebecca said...

I love this! I am working on printing off some ABC memorization cards today...I think Burrito will really like them! I totally agree on memorization and it's something I need to do more with Burrito. My Mom was AWESOME about doing that with me!

The link to the printable cards is here:

Kati Potratz said...

Those look very cute! If you like something fancier than a hand-written verses, another good one is These cards use nice photographs to help kids associate a word with a verse. We do like the Truth Cards, but using simple hand-written verses with the memory system will probably have more longevity for us since you can keep adding to it.