Friday, February 24, 2012

Believing He Rewards

Hebrews 11:6 says,

And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.

According to this verse, faith includes two parts: believing that God exists, and believing he will reward us when we seek him. 

Believing in God's existence, in my opinion, is much easier than believing he will reward me. To believe that God exists, I don't have to personally experience anything of God. I simply need to believe the faith stories that have been passed down to me, or the experiences of other witnesses.

But to truly believe he is saving a reward especially for me – because I do seek him – this is the most difficult part of faith. It requires a personal relationship with a loving Father God, and an experience of intimacy with him through the Holy Spirit. If we don't have this relationship yet or we don't connect with God on a heart-to-heart level, our faith is not complete. We are not able make righteous choices because we still think we have to take care of ourselves. 


When my heart connects with the loving Father who wants every good thing for his children... 

When it's just him and me and no distraction...

When the Spirit of God comes and draws me near...

When his logos Word becomes rhema word and it's so personal and specific and direct – and it's almost like we're looking each other in the eyes – and how could I deny his favor for me, muchless his existence and presence here??

My hope returns and his speaking to me is almost reward enough, but it reminds me there is reward to come. Not just a dumb medal, but rewards of character, justice, peace, love and favor for my posterity, and a life for my family better than we could've imagined.

I remember that my position is no longer as a worthless sinner begging mercy at the foot of the cross. My new position, because of Christ's shed blood, is seated next to him, above everything. That is my new reality if I so choose to believe it. There is nothing he couldn't do in and through me, and there is nothing he would hold back. Just like Cinderella, I've stepped over the line from rags... to royalty.

This is where I begin dreaming. It's where I begin setting goals and making plans. It's where I get out of the boat and find myself walking on water. 

The biggest step I took into the great unknown with God was in 2004 when I moved to the beautiful countryside of Vermont to work with at-risk teens. I had never lived out of the Midwest, and never been in charge of other people. I didn't know anyone there.

But when I sought God on the important things, like where he wanted me to use my skills and serve him, he made it so obvious I should go there. So I did. I set out for Vermont in my car, believing that God was going to reward me for seeking him.

Little did I know that on top of getting to disciple younger girls, I would be blessed and challenged by a wonderful church community, get to train dogs and puppies on the side, and get to ski in the mountains all winter. These were all dreams in my heart that only my Father knew. 

What a privilege it is to serve a loving God. If you know him, believe he rewards and step out in faith. You just can't go wrong!


Kalika said...

Thanks, Kati. I love this verse and came across it again just this week. I, too, have a much harder time believing that God wants to reward me for seeking him than I do believing that he exists. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement! Kalika

Kati Potratz said...

Yes, we really are so privileged now! May we open our spiritual eyes and believe. :)