Thursday, July 12, 2012

All About Allergies

So many people deal with allergies nowadays, and I have learned so much about them over the past few years, that I thought it might be worth writing about.

First of all, let me just say that if you are a Christian, "managing" allergies is a tricky thing. The Bible says that by the stripes of Jesus and his blood shed for us, we are healed. We ARE healed (already, present tense).

This is one hundred percent true, and we are daily appropriating our faith in this absolute healing, but sometimes deliverance happens over time as we are released from worldly bondage. Some people even assert that allergies can be caused by a spiritual root of fear, or a spirit of fear. While the Bible does not say this directly, we do know that all disease is rooted in sin, and agreeing with a spirit of fear is a sin. And, it makes logical sense because just as fear puts up a wall of self-defense, so in allergies the body is aggressively overdefending itself. Let me explain.

Allergies are an overactive immune response. The immune system spends tons of energy fighting and fighting, trying to protect itself, against normally harmless particles. Whether food, grass, chemicals, or animals -- pretty much anything can become an "enemy" to fight against if the body is talked into it. The body then fights and fights and fights, until it is exhausted. And because it is so busy fighting these things, when a real illness comes the body doesn't have enough juice left to fight it off. This is allergies.

Similarly, some of us have spent too much time in fear, defending and protecting ourselves from everything and everyone because at one point or another we got hurt. We choose not to rest in God and let him fight for us. We choose to be on the alert at all times, protecting ourselves from those who might hurt us or our children. An overactive defense mechanism.

No matter what has happened in my life, as a child of the living God this is simply not true. God, my Father, is always defending me and always will. I need not protect myself. As I appropriate my faith in this biblical truth on a situational basis, I am freed from this lie and the spirit of fear. My body, I believe, is in a transition period. It is learning to follow suit as my thought life is transformed.


Human beings have created some helpful stuff for "in the meantime." I do the best I can to take care of my body. To be a good nurse for Doctor Jesus. There are a few things I have found helpful to my immune system as it recovers. (As I list these, please remember that I am not a doctor. I am simply sharing ideas that have helped me.)

1) Change your diet.

You can try an elimination diet for food allergies. Find a way to get antioxidants to help cleanse your body of toxins. And cut out sugar. Sugar is the immune system's enemy and prevents it from functioning well.

2) Rinse your nose with a neti pot after every trip outside.

Once or twice a day. It feels awesome and you will probably sleep better. A neti pot cleans out the allergens and particles that get stuck way up in the nasal cavity. Saline spray is not as good because it doesn't go all the way through the nose and flush everything out.

3) Take 2000-5000 i.u. of vitamin D3 every day for immune support.

All of us are deficient in this unless we live in the tropics, and vitamin D deficiency is being called an epidemic. Vitamin D3 has been used to prevent and treat disease, including depression. I suggest getting your levels tested.

4) Vitamin C.

I like the drinkable kind as it also gives a boost of energy.

5) Run an air purifier in your bedroom.

Because you spend the majority of your time sleeping. We are using one with a pre-filter, HEPA filter, and a charcoal filter. We also installed a UV purifier into your air duct system that sterilizes living particles (bacteria, viruses, mold, pollens, etc) that would be blown back through our house. Make your house an oasis so that your body has a place to recover after being outside.

6) Run the AC at all times.

Air conditioning not only keeps it cool; it also filters the particles that blow in from outside.

7) Clean and/or change all filters regularly.

Change the AC filter every month.

8) Vacuum.

As often as possible.

9) Dust.

Once a month.

10) Keep the windows and doors closed.

11) Stay in the house as much as you can.

Be careful with this. As God's children we are not to fear, and you don't want to end up fearing your environment. Perhaps that would make your allergies worse! But just be smart and know that you have made your home an oasis. When you're really fatigued from breathing a lot of outdoor allergens, stay in for a couple days. Learn to be content in every situation. Personally, it has been a good thing for me as a homemaker to learn to be content in my own home. And don't allow pets, smoke, mold, flowers, etc into your home.

12) Avoid unnecessary immunizations.

Immunizations cause the immune system to work extremely hard, and if your immune system is already weak or compromised, an immunization can be dangerous.

13) Shower every night.

To wash away all the allergens from the day.

14) Wash your face and hands every time you come in from outside.

I feel immediately better when I do this.

15) Antihistamine.

Take it daily and don't forget.

If you are in the midst of it like I am, pray for deliverance. And nurse your body. There are lots of other ways to nurse your body, but I tried to include the ones I find most helpful specifically for allergies.


Rebecca said...

Good advice. Did you know to use only purified water for the Neti pot? I have one and love it too but some people have gotten brain infections from using regular tap water.

Kati Potratz said...

Thanks, Rebecca. I had actually stopped using distilled water with mine and began using tap water, since I know others who do that. I think I'll get some more distilled water now...