Sunday, February 17, 2008


I hear this word all the time, lately.

"I hate drama."
"She's so dramatic."
"Spare me the drama."
"I don't like dramatic people."
"I'm looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend who won't give me any drama."

What I want to know is, What are you drama-haters so afraid of? If you don't want any drama, you might as well just fall over and die right now, because life is full of it! If you ask me, people are just looking for a way to make life easier and relationships more convenient for themselves.

Drama is all around us. It's in our families, the late-night talks, and the strangers we encounter. Deep down inside we crave it. We watch TV and movies so we can get some of it without having to deal with it in real life. But I say it's time we TURN OFF THE TV and rip off those earphones and cut the small talk... and start jumping into the depths of the drama of Life. We only live once, after all.

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