Thursday, April 21, 2011

For He's Going to Your House Today

They are coming to our house to pray healing over me tonight, and all the thoughts well up:

"What if they don't pray bold enough? What if they don't know my story well enough? How much ministry training do these people have? What if it's just a big hype and a big let-down? How much or how little should I explain about Be In Health or ministering with the gifts of the Spirit? Am I being a spiritually selfish snob, thinking these things?!"


He speaks in first person. I recognize his slimy, prideful voice. It's not me; it's that old spirit of accusation again. He wants me to agree with him. Fear, pride, guilt – and ultimately that accusing spirit.

I order him to leave me, and he obeys.

Then the prayers come slipping out like water... "What should I expect tonight, Father?"

I picture all the faces of these people who have so selflessly brought me before his throne everyday, not knowing me well, but treating me as their sister in need. Jesus loves me and lives in each one of them.

Jesus is coming to our house today. His credentials are more than enough.

Wait... Jesus is coming? To our house??

I can't get this out of my head, and I'm excited. Jesus is coming to our house! Today!

The old Sunday School song starts playing in my head... "For I'm going to your house today! For I'm going to your house today!" Zacchaeus! I pull my little boy onto my lap and tell him we need to read a Bible story about a man in a tree. The book falls onto my lap, and there he is waving at me from the back cover.

I never saw him there before! But there he sits in that tree. Clueless target. And all-knowing God here, knowing my every thought.

Hello there, God. Really? Today? Our house?

I climb out of my tall, tall tree and humble, assume short stature of the small man who was so blessed to have Jesus in his house and he knew it. I know it too. Excited, God with us, we read the story.

Come, Lord Jesus! Come tonight! Today!

We finish reading and look out the window and the garbage man is taking away my trash. I smile.

Today we will clean house and we will receive Jesus into our home!

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Rebecca said...

Beautifully the childlike spirit here...

And we have the same children's Bible!