Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Meat Loaf for the Boys

Squishing your hands in freezing cold raw meat is not the best thing to do when you have a migraine.

I am making meat loaf.

Come to think of it, there are not really any activities that are good to do while having a migraine. Except sleeping. And you can't do that with a little one running around. So you must do something.

I usually try to opt for the least bothersome activity at this stage in a migraine. Something that won't put my body into shock. Usually that means dim lighting and sitting still, trying to smile and respond to my child. I am definitely not able to chop onions right now. But I can look at this computer screen for short periods. There are other phases in the disease where you literally can't do anything (except breathe, and even that can become difficult). If I chopped onions right now, that would likely put me over the edge and I would not be functioning for a while. But I took a chance with the freezing cold meat. Hopefully it won't do me in.

This meat has been thawing two days already, waiting for the migraine to subside. And the boys have to eat.

I'm reminded more and more lately that I have two "boys" on my hands now. Just this morning, Shane was traipsing around the house trying to get breakfast made, get himself and Ezekiel dressed, clean up the kitchen... while I sat in a daze with my coffee trying to wake up, as usual. Zeke following close behind Daddy, trying to keep up. They come marching down the stairs, first the mammoth one, then the mini one, Zeke announcing, "Here come the boys! Here come the boys!"

He loves that he is a boy, like his daddy. Toys, games, books are all on the backburner for now. All he wants to do is wrestle. "Would you like to wrestle me now, Dad?" is the constant question. And if they're not wrestling they're playing catch, or the living room golf ball game.

So I made it through the meat loaf. God so helped me. They will be happy boys tonight.

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