Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10 Things I Like About Preschool

The ABC Jesus Loves Me curriculum has been great so far! We really like it. And Z is learning so much. We are on Week 8 of 36, and I'm happy to report that school is becoming a positive part of our routine.

Play-doh Fun

Ten Things I Like About Preschool:

Nature Walk Display

1) We do preschool three days a week, but if we don't get to something, we can do it on other days. It's flexible and we can work with our family's schedule. We can work more or less on things Z likes or needs more help with.

Feeding a sheep

2) Each week has a Bible story theme. Crafts, memory verse, activities, song, and a character trait go along with the theme. By the end of the week we have talked a lot about the story, re-told it, and it's caught in Z's brain.

The Widow's Offering

3) There is a new fine motor and gross motor activity each week.

V is for Vegetables

W is for Wiry, Wiggly Worms

4) I get to pick out the most active activities to help my very active little boy learn best.

Hay Maze at the Orchard

5) I can use my mommy-sense to change things or take breaks when needed.

Us :)

6) Book of the week and library book recommendations I trust.

Binoculars (or Camera, depending on who you ask)

7) "Daddy will be WEALLY impwessed when he sees THIS!"


8) "Mommy, it's time to do YOUR pweschool now. I will teach you."

Finding spider webs, the latest favorite activity

9) Field trips + family time = Awesome.

The Corn Pool at the Orchard

10) Preschool is proving to be a great tool, giving a bit of structure to our family's "learning lifestyle." :)

With Farmer Justin after harvesting corn in the combine

It has been a blessed fall! I'm realizing that preschool is really just a lot of playing and learning - which we do anyway - but with a little extra purpose behind those activities. I thank God for the opportunity I get to spend with this amazing little boy everyday, and the privilege of preschool.

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