Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jesus' Death Turns Horror Into Holy

Today I am pondering an article by Doug Phillips, who dares to ask, What is going on with horror fixations?

It's no wonder that TV, movies, books... entertainment media in general... is becoming more violent, more provocative, and more disturbing. But could the reason we like to disturb our senses with thoughts of death be that something in us is still not quite satisfied in the thought of Jesus' death?

"It is finished," he proclaimed from the cross. 

But have those words made it all the way from his lips to my heart?

Think of it, no guilt in life. If it is indeed finished, then the price for my unrighteousness has been paid in full. God knows all the hurts and offenses I have caused, and he offers me peace. I don't owe anyone anything because my guilt has been taken upon Jesus. I'm forgiven. It is finished!

Imagine, no fear in death. Why should we ever associate death with fear? In the movies or on Halloween or even in our diseased bodies... we know that Jesus' death has finished death and though we die, we live on.

Whatever we decide to do or celebrate this time of year, may our hearts be full of joy and satisfaction in the greatest love story ever told. (The real one.)

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Rebecca said...

Thanks for this post. I have often wondered what the attraction to all that stuff is too. I think there could be some sort of trying to numb ourselves to death by over-exposing ourselves. And then the demonic forces at work in the world call attention to all the fear there.

In our family, we don't believe in dressing up in scary costumes for Halloween. Burrito dresses up to have fun and be with the community...but she does nice things, like Princesses.:-)