Saturday, January 26, 2013

Blueberry Muffins

Having received the Simply Gluten and Sugar Free cookbook for Christmas, I made the blueberry muffins last week. Z had been asking for muffins so I was eager to try this recipe.

I just love the cookbook so far. I have already made several recipes from it (more reviews to come). One of the reasons I'm enjoying it so much is because Amy Green has created a very good gluten-free flour mix that I can mix up myself and use for many of the baking recipes in her book as well as other recipes that call for basic gluten-free flour.

In most gluten-free baking you don't use just one flour -- you use a blend of flours and starches to get a great final product. Amy's blend is one I like because it uses the least amount of starch needed, and the bean flour adds protein. I can taste the bean flavor and that is taking me some getting used to, but it's light and fresh and still very tasty. It gives the foods a different taste than you would expect with wheat flour, but it's not a bad taste -- just different. And after eating several foods based on this flour mix, I think I'm starting to really like the flavor.

The other thing that's great about mixing up my own gluten-free flour (I am keeping a large container of it in the fridge), is that it saves money. You can buy a pre-mixed gluten-free flour but it's more expensive.

The muffins were great. Not crumbly, moist, and with a little butter they really hit the spot.

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