Tuesday, April 9, 2013


My friend Erin made crepes for me when I visited her in Vermont after she was newly married. (Actually, we had these crepes right after I was chased down a mountain by a moose, for anyone who knows that story! Memorable day.) Love you, Erin!

So every time I make crepes, I think of Erin, hiking together in the Green Mountains, and our sweet friendship! And when I make crepes I'm reminded to pray for her family. She and her husband (and three little daughters) are now serving as Wycliffe Bible Translators in a remote village in Mexico, where the people do not yet have the Bible in their native language. I thank God for these friends and their willingness to lay down their lives for a people whom God knows and loves very much.

First of all, these are not real French crepes. :) They are thicker, more like thin pancakes. I have even added psyllium seed husks, which makes them even puffier. But we love eating them all the same. They are filling and delicious! I have changed a few things to make them gluten-free and refined sugar-free.

1 c gluten-free flour (I have used garbanzo bean flour, quinoa flour, oat flour, and several others)
1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp palm sugar
1 egg
"glunk-glunk" of oil
1 1/4 c almond milk

Mix dry ingredients. Dump in wet ingredients. Beat with a wire whisk. Pour a half-cup of the mixture on a hot skillet (medium-low heat). Let the batter spread to the edges and flip when light brown. Make them one at a time. Serves two.

You can serve crepes with anything you want - meat, vegetables, cheese, potatoes, or fruit. We like to have them with butter, maple syrup, and fresh raspberries or blackberries. They make for an easy supper.

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