Saturday, October 5, 2013

Pregnancy, Abortion, and Health of the Mother

After reading this article, I would like to share my perspective.

I have had to seriously reconsider my pro-life stance on abortion. Pregnancy is hard. Pregnancy took so much of a toll on MY health that I was left with a chronic fever, autoimmune problems, debilitating migraines, and a heart weakness. If I ever became pregnant again, my heart and other organs could shut down and it could be fatal.

So, would I now consider abortion if this happened again?

This question has demanded an honest answer from me, and frankly, no, I would not abort. Even with serious risks to my own health. For me, this has meant putting a lot more trust in the God who loves my family even more than I do.

Maybe you haven't ever been in a state of health where it was your actual HEALTH or LIFE you had to consider giving up for the sake of a pregnancy. But I have really had to ask these questions after learning about the kind of problems my body has faced and still would face in the case of being pregnant.

One thing I know is that pregnancy is about being a mother. Even if you're going to give up the baby for adoption, you are mothering that baby for nine months in your womb. You are nourishing, feeding, providing a home for, and growing a living person. That's what a mother does. For at least nine months, God has ordained you "mother." And all mothering -- including pregnancy -- is about sacrificing your own time/desires/money/health/life so that someone else can have these things.

I know this so much more fully now. My one child gives me plenty of proof that mothering is worth it. That pregnancy is worth it. I look at him and never would've imagined that God could've created something so magnificent.  

There really are no accidental creations.

I feel so fortunate that God allowed me to survive the heart condition and live to raise my own child. But I wonder if I would've considered abortion, had I known the upset it was going stir in my body ahead of time. The thing is, it would be presumptuous and prideful to consider his life not worth living without me. I am a pretty "hands-on" mom, so that's not an easy pill for me to swallow. But it's true. He is a separate entity from me and his life is equally valuable.

Life is a gift. Do you believe it?

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